1. Applicability GTC
The General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by A-Frame Distribution GmbH and are valid in the version valid at the time of the order, at the time a contract is concluded (point 2). Deviating regulations on the part of the contracting party are therefore not valid. By sending an order to A-Frame Distribution GmbH, the customer confirms that he has read these General Terms and Conditions and expressly agrees to them.

2. Condition of a contract
Purchase agreements are concluded by the acceptance of the order by A-Frame Distribution GmbH. The acceptance of the order is confirmed by the customer via e-mail and is binding for the customer. In addition, delivery impediments are communicated to the customer as soon as possible by e-mail. The customer confirms with his order that he is aware of the scope and content of his order. Questions in this context can therefore be clarified with us beforehand.

3. Deliveries
The delivery of the goods is fundamentally carried out by DPD.
If an article of our assortment is not available, the customer will be informed as soon as possible via e-mail. In principle, we reserve the right to make a partial delivery if this seems to be of service to the fastest possible completion of the entire delivery. We also reserve the right to make an order only insofar as the articles are our availability.
As a matter of principle, the indicated readiness for dispatch of the articles is the guideline value according to the guidelines and is therefore not binding for A-Frame Distribution GmbH.

4. Prices
In principle, we try to offer our customers the products at the best possible price, but this is closely linked to the prices of our suppliers. A-Frame Distribution GmbH has thus expressly the right, the announced prices announced unannounced and without further explanation. For the order and delivery the principle applies that the calculation of the prices the time of the order on the website is valid.

5. VAT
The prices for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein include VAT of 8%
The prices for exports are exclusive of VAT, which is charged directly to the customer by the relevant customs office.

6. Customs costs for customers abroad
For deliveries abroad, customs surcharges are incurred at the Swiss border, which are to be borne by the customer in principle.

7. Foreign currency

A-Frame Distribution GmbH offers customers from abroad the opportunity to settle their orders with either Euro € or US Dollar $. The exchange rate used for this purpose does not normally correspond to the current day's price, but is determined by A-Frame Distribution GmbH in the long term.

8. Returns

A right to return of the ordered goods exists only in case of wrong delivery by the A-Frame Distribution GmbH, production defects and transport damages which have arisen in the course of the delivery. We therefore ask our customers expressly to check the received delivery promptly for deficiencies. Any faults or defects in the delivery are to be reported immediately to A-Frame Distribution GmbH. If A-Frame Distribution GmbH is responsible for a defect or damage, A-Frame Distribution GmbH is entitled to choose between exchange or rectification of defects. The goods must be original, unused and completely returned.

Incorrect delivery
In the case of incorrect delivery, A-Frame Distribution GmbH declares to provide the customer with the correct item (s) as far as possible or otherwise to pay the order with the same value of goods via a corresponding replacement (at the customer's option). A cancellation of the order is not possible, as long as the ordered article is available.

Defective articles
Defective or damaged items are inspected by us in accordance with the respective deficiencies in order to ensure the warranty claim. Damage caused by faulty material or manufacturing errors are handled by A-Frame Distribution GmbH in the same way as the provisions for incorrect delivery. In principle, the termination of the contractual relationship is not allowed in the above incidents.

Transportation damage
In the case of transport damage, a message with a detailed indication of the damage is sent to customer.care@aframe.ch within 48 hours after receipt of the goods, as otherwise the claim for free replacement becomes void.
In the case of incorrect return, any costs incurred during the return of A-Frame Distribution GmbH will be charged to the customer.
The customer is granted a period of 5 working days from the receipt of the goods, within which the goods can be returned together with the complaint.
Please note that a return does not lead to a remuneration for as long as the ordered goods are available. We reserve the right to compensate you for the corresponding value by means of a voucher or an equivalent article.
The shipping costs are to be paid by the customer. We can not process unsuccessful postage returns. The shipping costs are only refunded to the customer if the delivery is a faulty delivery, from A-Frame Distribution GmbH or production damage or transport damage.

Items excluded from the exchange
Due to the strong price reduction in "Sale%" items an exchange is excluded.

9. Warranty

The guarantee for goods ordered by A-Frame Distribution GmbH corresponds to generally accepted standards and is, unless otherwise expressly stated, 24 months. This excludes textile products in which a warranty claim applies only in the case of defective material. The guarantee claim is valid from the date of delivery. A-Frame Distribution GmbH reserves the right to make an individual decision in the event of a warranty.

10. Minor Model Errors

Sometimes our suppliers change the design of individual articles slightly. We can not assume any liability for such modifications, as we have no influence on them. However, you have the right to change such articles.

11. Care / handling

A-Frame Distribution GmbH assumes no liability whatsoever for the customer's fault in the maintenance and / or handling of the delivered articles. We therefore ask the customers to observe the relevant notes.

12. Liability in general

We hereby expressly point out that no liability claims can be asserted against A-Frame Distribution GmbH.

13. Reservation of proprietary rights

Until full payment, the goods delivered remain the property of A-Frame Distribution GmbH.

14. Registration

In order to make the ordering of staylocal.ch as comfortable as possible to the customer, we offer a free registration, whereby each customer receives a personal customer account with staylocal.ch. The customer account is a password-protected area in which the customer stores his personal data. The account can only be viewed by the customer and A-Frame Distribution GmbH.
The registration facilitates the ordering process, as the data need not be collected again for each purchase is, however, free of charge and non-binding.
The personal customer account can be deleted at any time without giving reasons.
15. References / hyperlinks

We expressly declare that we have no influence on the linked pages. We hereby expressly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all pages, which can be reached by a link from our sides. This declaration applies to all links displayed on our website and to all contents of the pages to which the links lead.
16. Change Terms and Conditions

It should be pointed out at this point that A-Frame Distribution GmbH reserves the right at all times to amend the present T & C in the interest of the company without prior notice. In the case of a contract concluded, the terms of the GTC shall apply at the time of the order.
17. Applicable law / Jurisdiction

In any case, the relations between the customer and A-Frame Distribution GmbH are subject to Swiss law in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Civil Code, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
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