frequently asked Questions

Does the roof tent fit on every vehicle?

Yes. The roof tent fits all vehicles when the dynamic roof load is above the weight of the roof tent. For a particularly simple installation, the distance between the roof rack and the roof should be at least 5cm.

Does the roof load of maximum 70kg carry the construction and two persons?

There are two types of roof loads. One is the Dynamic, which is indicated in the vehicle ID. It is relevant while driving. The other is the static roof load, this is relevant when the vehicle is stationary. There is nothing to get in the way of sleeping in a roof tent because the static roof load of most vehicles is several times the vehicle weight.

How complicated is the assembly?

The assembly usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes. During the initial assembly, you should expect a little more time, because when unpacking and preparing once small parts must be mounted. The detailed instruction manual supports you with each step.

How is the tent fixed to the roof rack?

A roof tent is mounted like a ski box and encloses the roof rack at the mounting points.

Do I need special roof racks for mounting?

Commercially available roof carriers of a quality manufacturer with a carrying capacity of 75 kg per carrier are sufficient.

Do the original roof beams of my vehicle manufacturer fit?

The distance between the roof rack socket should be at least 80cm. If that's the case, the roof tent fits easily. If the distance is smaller, you should consider an assembly with us. We can customize the roof tent individually.

Do I need a special ladder if I have a higher vehicle?

All our roof tents have a telescopic ladder. This can be adapted to all vehicle heights up to 230cm with just a few simple steps.

How do I get comfortable to my roof tent, if I have no side boards?

Our tire tread allows you to comfortably climb the vehicle.

Is the roof tent waterproof?

Of course, all our roof tents are made of water repellent polyester and have a water column of 10'000mm.

Can I fold the roof tent when wet?

Our fabrics are extremely resistant to mold and mildew. If you want to spend one or two nights at the hotel, stowing the wet roof tent in the transport hood is no problem. However, it is important that the roof tent is completely dried and ventilated after the trip. Otherwise, mold can form over a longer period of time.

Does condensation form on the surface?

Like in a standard tent, condensation occurs again and again. For comfort, we have installed two permanent vents. Under the mattress, we have also integrated an anti-condensation mat. It prevents the rising of moisture into the mattress. This reduces the condensation.

Do I have to stow the blanket and pillows in the car while driving?

Our roof tents are designed so that you can transport your bedding in the tent. For a safe closing of the roof tent you should make sure that the packing mass has a maximum volume of 120x110x7cm. In addition, the roof tent with bedding must not exceed the permissible dynamic roof load. You will find the details of the roof load in the vehicle card.

How fast can I drive with mounted roof tent?

Apart from the fact that the legally permitted limit should not be exceeded, the maximum speed with folded roof tent is 120km / h.

Is there a guarantee on the roof tents?

Of course, you have a two-year warranty on all our products. Even after that, we can fix almost everything that can be repaired at the roof tents.


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